Internet of Energy: Cleaner and More Efficient Energy Production

Internet of Energy or IoE is the upgrading and automating of electricity infrastructures as a result of the growing number of connected devices, sensors and machines. It puts more power on the hands of the consumers and produces cleaner and more efficient energy. Although data within the IoE is growing at exponential rates, most of them are traditionally siloed across business units. Extracting these data and putting them to work can help companies gain insight and allow them to transform into a collaborative system.

Here are the 4 silos in the energy sector:

  • Generation. The first major silo is dependent on the work of turbines, with even the slightest disruption in their moving parts resulting to power loss, unscheduled downtime, safety concerns and many more. An energy solution can prevent unplanned downtime and catastrophic breakdowns. It can analyze data and provide insights, so companies can continue to improve their energy efficiency measures.
  • Transmission and Distribution. A mobile technology solution can play a key role in energy disaggregation, power voltage instability monitoring, and grid maintenance by creating efficiencies in expenses and operations. It analyzes data to classify and predict failures in advance. The right solution can see correlations in the data that leads to new discoveries.
  • Cybersecurity. The right technology can identify, categorize and combat various industrial threats. It can automate the research process, prioritize threats based on confidence, and display corroborating evidence to reduce overall risk.
  • Energy Trading and Risk Management. This is the fourth major silo in the energy sector. With accurate forecasting, utilities can offer better pricing to consumers. An energy mobile solution can provide insight to this process. Since utility companies are constantly facing volatile commodity prices, they need to develop methods for market and credit risk aggregation.

Analytics play an important role in how energy is produced and provided to consumers. By improving the sharing of data across these four major silos, companies can reap the wealth of new knowledge. And by leveraging an energy mobile technology solution, they can provide more value in the Internet of Energy. Click here to check out our solutions.